Friday, March 23, 2012

Scraps-n-Pieces Photoshop Techniques Class Week 6

This week's lesson is one every photo editor or scrapbooker needs to to clone, heal, and dodge/burn.  This is how you fix photos, how you repair tears, remove scratches, lighten or darken areas, create depth, shadows, and highlights.  Tons to absorb this week but the kind of stuff I love to do.  And let me tell you I am hooked on Photoshop and how easy it is to do these things with PSE.
Our assignment was to "fix" a photo by either removing clutter or repairing a damaged place.  I used it to remove the clutter and replace it with blanket to make this picture of my granddaughter more pleasing for scrapbooking.
I cloned the blanket to fill in the background and hide the clutter, fixed the redeye, and adjusted the levels to brighten the picture.
Here is the layout I created using the after photo.  This is a great technique for all those cute pictures you have that are overly cluttered or have unpleasant things in the background.  I think I need to go find all those pictures that would have been great photos if only someone didn't have someone else's fingers making rabbit ears behind them or a tree growing out of their head!

I used Wendy Tunison's Pride and Prejudice Bundle for this layout.  (I love this kit.)  This is my granddaughter who was a preemie.

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