Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scraps-n-Pieces Photoshop Techniques Class Week 5

A busy week, learning so much.  This time we are learning about blending things together.  We were to pick 2 papers (I actually used 3) and blend them together into one, then to use that newly created paper to complete a full layout.

I created the music paper for the background and the front layers.  And I jumped the gun (I know we are going to learn this later) and extracted the rubber ducky from another photo for my embellishment.  I love how this page turned out....and how the duck looks like Nate is choking him to death!  Too cute.

I find that even when my assignment is done I am spending most of my free time "playing" with Photoshop Elements!  This is addictive and sooooo much fun.  I have played with manipulating digital art for years but never knew how easy and fun it could be with the right tools.  

People always tell you Photoshop is too hard to learn. NOT!  It just has so many features that it is overwhelming at first, but once you learn what all those things can do your realize that they save you so much time and tedious work.  Bethany asked if I thought I might like to be a designer and I am thinking I really might!  I do a lot of that already in my mixed media art so why not entertain the idea? :-)

Items Used:
Blended Paper: SnP Heidi Ho brown paper, 
SnP Bohemium Rhapsody Music paper

Other elements all from SnP Heidi Ho and 
Bohemian Rhapsody, except for the tag paper - 
it is SnP In The Kitchen byN2N

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