Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been tagged!

It seems Beckie thinks I need to be more diligent about posting. LOL Anyway, she has tagged me and the rules say:

You've been tagged! The rules are:
1. go to your documents/pictures.
2. go to your 5th file.
3. go to your 5th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 5 people.
This is my 5th picture in my 5th file. It is an ATC I made a while back for my Paper Traders Yahoo group's monthly Winner Take All drawing. I really like this ATC because of the techniques I used. First I did the torn paper technique that Bevlea shared on her blog, but I used printed tissue papers as well as the text to give a bit more visual texture. Next I added the bird and other elements. Finally I crackled the surface and rubbed on ink to color the cracks. It turned out like I envisioned it... and you all know how rarely that happens! .... so I was very pleased with it! Of course, having a bird on it also makes it a favorite project too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We have a very talented grandson!

Our grandson Chancey is a fine young man in addition to being quite the musician. He plays several instruments as well as having a phenomenal voice. Sundance High School is a tiny school compared to most of the other schools they were competing against, so this was quite an accomplishment. We are very proud grandparents!
Click on the clipping to enlarge it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Thoughts

Friday, April 10, 2009

More projects....

Here are the pages I did for PT Susan's "How Great Thou Art Journal". This journal is about what is great about you...what is your motivation, you inspiration, etc.

click on image to enlarge
I chose "Giving" as my theme because I have been thinking about my mom and missing her a lot lately. My mother was the best example of giving; she was always doing for other people ...usually without being asked...and many times without being thanked either. Yet she continued to love unconditionally and to give from her heart. She taught me so much about being a giving person and this has shaped my life. I am blessed that I could have her for so many years; but... I do so miss you, Mom.
I started this spread at Beckie's but finished it up after I got home...it just was not coming together...then I remembered that I had these cute little kid images I had saved from a calendar, and they were just perfect!

Granddaughters make us proud...

In February our granddaughters Quincy and Abby were both in Science Fair. Quincy won locally and got to go to State while I was in Colorado.
Click on photo to enlarge
Then recently they were both in Math Counts and Quincy again went to State. (And Abby was an alternate.) Their group didn't win at State, but they had a great time and learned lots. We are proud of both of the girls for their accomplishments.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Being Productive - Journal Pages

While in Colorado I had a productive time doing art as well as all the other fun stuff I mentioned before. Let me share a few of the things I worked on while visiting Beckie. I had several projects for members of my Paper Traders Group to do so I was able get them done.

Here are my Tip-In pages for Susan's Gypsy journal. She is a big fan of Stevie Nicks so that was the perfect picture to choose for a "gypsy" girl. Beckie gave me all of T!m Holtz's masks (well, not the minis, cuz they weren't out yet) for my birthday while I was there, so I used them on both of these next two projects. LOVE THEM! So Fun! I love the quote on this page, it speaks to the "gypsy heart" in all of us.And...here is the spread I did in PT Teri's Journal. Her theme is "Ask The White Rabbit"...and we could make up our own story line. I liked how the rabbit and Alice having similar thoughts about each other....how cool is that!
The partial page in the middle flips and has a window that you can look through to see Alice.
Did you see the parts of the main pages at the end of the smaller partial page?
The tea tag clipped next to Alice was provided by Teri for signing in. She put different tags on each page for the artists.
Click on images to see details.