Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dragon ATCs

I participated in the Paper Trader Dragon Swap hosted by Letha. The first ATC with the Mizuhiki Good Luck Knot is a special one I made as a hostess gift for Letha. Those in the grouping are my contribution to the swap.

I made the background paper by collaging tiny snippits of paper to a base sheet then gluing crumpled white tissue paper over it all to unify them. I really like this technique and it is a way to use up those tiniest bits of pretty paper that you hate to throw away.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Captured Fairies

I am hosting a Bottled Fairy swap on the Paper Traders yahoo group. This week my granddaughter and I have been working on our Fairies for the swap - and their little homes. Below are the ones I made...
And these are the ones my granddaughter made.
Ya gotta keep the lids on or they might escape!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Now For Some Art

This first ATC is one I did for the February Winner-Take-All Swap on Paper Traders. It was won by Lucy.

I made these Peeled Paint ATCs for Letha's Way Out West swap.

These little Bird Book Pages were made for my Bird Deco Swap.
Most have been traded but I did get to keep two of them. Birds are a favorite theme of mine and I am thrilled with how they turned out ... and with all the lovely pages I got in the swap. One day they will all be assembled into a little book with some other birdie pages that I am working on.

This final picture is of my page for the PT Counting Crows swap.
One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth,
Three for a Wedding, Four for a Birth,
Five for Silver, Six For Gold,
Seven for a Secret never to be told.


I have been promising myself (and my girls) that I would get to work on keeping a blog. I got started with the setup last fall, then things got in the way and I just did not go any further.

So, a couple of weeks ago I started adding Links to favorite places and working on the layout. Now that it is up and somewhat "looks" like it might be a blog, I am trying to add more content. This week I added some music links and a YouTube link...love those Anne Geddes babies!

Yesterday morning a friend sent me a link to video of Randy Pausch Reprising His Last Lecture from the Oprah show of Oct 22, 2007. I had seen this Oprah segment and was truly moved by it, so when my friend sent the link I decided to add it to my blog. I also added a link to the full-length CMU version. This morning I went to my daughter's Blog Artbeckons and she too had added this same inspiring lecture to her blog. Great minds and all that! I guess the same things inspire us. Quite coincidential that we would both add that to our blogs on the same day...and we had not discussed it at all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The newest picture of my youngest grandchildren...
Autumn (2-1/2 yrs) and Simon (10 months)
Simon is a BIG BOY...almost as big as his older sister.
He weighs just about the same but is a bit shorter in stature.
...and of course she started out quite small as she was a preemie.