Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have been promising myself (and my girls) that I would get to work on keeping a blog. I got started with the setup last fall, then things got in the way and I just did not go any further.

So, a couple of weeks ago I started adding Links to favorite places and working on the layout. Now that it is up and somewhat "looks" like it might be a blog, I am trying to add more content. This week I added some music links and a YouTube those Anne Geddes babies!

Yesterday morning a friend sent me a link to video of Randy Pausch Reprising His Last Lecture from the Oprah show of Oct 22, 2007. I had seen this Oprah segment and was truly moved by it, so when my friend sent the link I decided to add it to my blog. I also added a link to the full-length CMU version. This morning I went to my daughter's Blog Artbeckons and she too had added this same inspiring lecture to her blog. Great minds and all that! I guess the same things inspire us. Quite coincidential that we would both add that to our blogs on the same day...and we had not discussed it at all!

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