Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birdie, Birdie Coaster Books

I have been hosting a chipboard coaster book on Paper Traders. Each person acquired a 6 page Maya Road chipboard coaster book which they then decorated. Keeping one page for themselves, they then sent the other 5 to be swapped.
What a fun swap this was; and all of the pages were unique and lovely. These are the birds that I made. There are nine because I made for each person participating in the swap. On my birds you can see a raised lacy texture. This is done with Artist's Cement by ArtQuest. I smoothed the cement through pieces of lace to leave a textural pattern of the holes on the birds.

Ancestors Swap ATCs

I have been busy doing ATCs for Teri's Ancestors Swap in our Paper Traders Group. These first three show my mom (Betty) as a baby, my dad (Forrest) with his two younger sisters (Berneice and Eulalia), then my mom and her sister Joyce with their puppies sitting on the running board of their car.
This second group show first: my mom's 4 oldest siblings, then a group of my mom and her sister Joyce with their neices and nephew. Next is my mother with her mother (Leafy), and finally My mother as a baby with two of her brothers (Albert and Wilders). These cards were fun to make and brought back so many memories I have of growing up in a large extended family.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Row Houses

I have been busy making Row Houses lately. It all started because I am in Lenna's row house swap. Then I decided I wanted to make some to go with my Paper Traders Tip-In Journal...the theme is My House is a Very Fine House. Anyway, I did get carried away and made a bunch...and have some more (which are going to be "grungy") still in the works. Here are the ones I have done so far.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Letha's Beeswax Swap

I am in Letha's Beeswax Swap for our Paper Traders group, so I made some ATCs for it...and a bunch of extras too, because it was so much fun I couldn't help myself. lol

First we have the birdie ones. I learned one have to be very careful if you are waxing over rub-ons as they will melt and lift off your project if you aren't careful!

Next, we have the ones with the little kids. (Thank you, Lisa, for the lovely tags with the baby images). On these I used printed tissues for the backgrounds and added real pressed flowers and leaves. For texture I made a little puddle of the beeswax and pressed a flourish stamp into it. Then I brushed gold glaze over it to bring out the dimension. This is one of my favorite things to do with beeswax.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Itty Bitties

I am in Lenna's Itty Bitty Swap so I made these little 3x3 collages. They have 3-D butterflies whose wings lift up on them. The background is a daisy print paper with a dictionary enty printed on it. I sewed fibers and beads along the edges.