Monday, August 11, 2008

Letha's Beeswax Swap

I am in Letha's Beeswax Swap for our Paper Traders group, so I made some ATCs for it...and a bunch of extras too, because it was so much fun I couldn't help myself. lol

First we have the birdie ones. I learned one have to be very careful if you are waxing over rub-ons as they will melt and lift off your project if you aren't careful!

Next, we have the ones with the little kids. (Thank you, Lisa, for the lovely tags with the baby images). On these I used printed tissues for the backgrounds and added real pressed flowers and leaves. For texture I made a little puddle of the beeswax and pressed a flourish stamp into it. Then I brushed gold glaze over it to bring out the dimension. This is one of my favorite things to do with beeswax.

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bockel24 said...

Love your birdies (of course ...)! (and also the little birdy in the bottom corner of your blog)