Friday, April 10, 2009

More projects....

Here are the pages I did for PT Susan's "How Great Thou Art Journal". This journal is about what is great about you...what is your motivation, you inspiration, etc.

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I chose "Giving" as my theme because I have been thinking about my mom and missing her a lot lately. My mother was the best example of giving; she was always doing for other people ...usually without being asked...and many times without being thanked either. Yet she continued to love unconditionally and to give from her heart. She taught me so much about being a giving person and this has shaped my life. I am blessed that I could have her for so many years; but... I do so miss you, Mom.
I started this spread at Beckie's but finished it up after I got just was not coming together...then I remembered that I had these cute little kid images I had saved from a calendar, and they were just perfect!

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