Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scraps-n-Pieces Photoshop Techniques Class Week 4

A new week a new technique.  This time we are learning to "align and distribute".  Learning to do this technique will save you so many headaches. I always hated using Alphabets because you had to measure and align each letter and sometimes they still came out crooked.  But no more.
See how nicely those brads and the letters are lined up?  Lovin' it!
Distributing only works really well if all of your alpha letters are the same width, so you still have to manually adjust the space between letters if they are of varying widths, but using a grid can really help with that once you have them on a plane.   I know I will be adding way more titles now that I know how to do it in PSE!

Kits used:
SNP_Karen Diamond Use It All
SNP_ Heidi Ho _ heart
SNP_ Heidi Ho _ button gray
SNP_Wendy Tunison Simplicity _ pink leaf 1
SNP_Bohemian Rhapsody Collab _ alphabet

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