Monday, March 15, 2010

One World One Heart

I did not do a giveaway in the One World One Heart event this year. I really had intended to and had an artpiece to give but I wanted to mat and frame it, and I was ill and just couldn't get it done. I was only able to visit less than 100 of the more than a thousand blogs that participated so was so surprised to have won something....but I DID! I won the lovely Vintage Ephemeral Package from Laurie at Indulge Your Shelf.The pictures are from Laurie's blog and don't show all the wonderful goodies that were in the package but give you a good idea. I love "old stuff" so this was a wonderful prize for me....And it came at the perfect time as I was working on my Gothic Arches and was able to use the blue crystal jewels on them, and inspired me to get out some other colored jewels that I had been "saving" and use them too. That was just what I needed to give them sparkle and life. THANK YOU, LAURIE!

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Laurie said...

You're welcome -- I'm so glad you like the package!