Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching Up....a bit

It has been so long since I have put up any new art just gets in the way sometimes it seems. I have been working on some things since last I posted though and will try to eventually get what I can up; but for now I will put up the newest projects.Here we have the magnets that I made for Beckie's Four Season's Puzzle Swap on our Paper Trader's group. They were fun to do. I used artist's paste for the texture then when that was dry I watercolored them to give the swirled colors. Next I coated them with crystal lacquer and added the charms and micro-beads to the wet lacquer so they would be embedded. Add a beaded charm and they turned out pretty cute, I think. lol

Next we have my Gothic Arches for the Renaissance Women Swap I hosted on Paper Traders. It was a six for six swap but Beckie, Letha and I often try to do one for each other as well when we all participate and swap amongst ourselves too so I made extras for them and myself as well.

I used my new Silhouette Digital Cutter Machine to cut the arch overlay (which I designed myself!) . That worked great and so much nicer than trying to cut them with an X-acto knife! The arches were cut from heavy watercolor paper, then layered with a textured paper on which I used charcoal to create the shadowing effect (which does not show up very well in the scans but looks great in real life). The images are all from artwork by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli which I cut by hand and layered on the arches. Then I layered on the scroll labels and arch overlays. Finally I added crystal jewels to them to give sparkle and shine. (Thanks Laurie for the blue jewels!) I didn't scan the backs but they too are finished with a picture of Botticelli and a brief story about him and his art, done in the same style as the fronts.These are the charms that I made to go with my pages. I actually made two more but forgot to scan them before giving them away. They were fun to do.

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