Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here are some Zen-Doodle ATCs that I made.
I think I am addicted!
I have always doodled on things - you should see what I have done to phone book covers while waiting on hold! LOL I just didn't know until recently that it was a true artform.
Rick and Maria have made Zentangles not only popular but into an actual business. They have lots of examples and helps on their ZENTANGLE site. Since I make up a lot of my own patterns as well as trying what they offer, I have chosen to call mine Zen-Doodles...which to me describes what I do....DOODLE!

Since actually trying to do some patterns and make some ATCs with this process I have found that I am hooked. What a great way to pass the time while sitting in waiting rooms, "watching" TV, or just resting. A great stress reliever as well.
If you have not tried this yet, give it a whirl. Just cut some sturdy paper into a small size, such as 3x3 inches or ATC size. I like to use scraps of watercolor or dry media paper as it is firm enough to hold in your hand while doodling, but even index cards will do in a pinch.

Now take a pencil and draw a free-form doodle to make your base....just some loops work great to start with...make the lines overlap so you can create areas for your patterns. Using a Micron or other permanent ultra-fine pen start filling in the openings in your doodle with patte
rns, go over the outlines, and add any little extra embellishing lines that you desire. You can't do it wrong so just keep going until you are pleased with the result! Now wasn't that fun!
If you are tentative about drawing your first doodle, you can rubberstamp an image for your base and then embellish it like I did with these bunny ATCs.


jerseytjej said...

I found you! I have tried these and cannot for the life of me have any degree of success. They are quite nice so now I am inspired to keep trying.

jbp said...

I stumbled across your Zen Doodles and wanted to tell you how much I like them. I also do that kind of art and love the calm I feel when I draw them. The less I think the better they are. Do you find that - or do you "work" at it?