Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Torn Paper ATCs

I made these ATCs for my Emotive Faces swap on Paper Traders. They are really quite easy to do:

I printed the faces on five different pieces of scrapbook paper. If you print 3 on each paper you could get up to 15 ATCs if they tear perfectly, but when you start assembling you will find that you may have a few strips that didn't tear quite right so always print more faces than you need; then you can just toss the bad strips.

After printing I stapled the sheets together along the margins so they wouldn't shift around as much when I tore; then I ripped them crosswise into strips, trying to hold the sheets tightly together so the layers would be as close to the same as possible. Then, removing the staples, I placed them on the table in order of how I tore them.

To assemble, pick up one from each set in different patterns and glue (I used Gel Medium) them down to a sheet of cardstock. Once you have them all re-assembled, rub with ink to distress, then give the whole thing a thin coat of gel medium. When dry trim up and stamp edges with flourish stamps; add a flower or other embellishment to finish. ENJOY!

(NOTE: I am thinking that the next time I do these I will stitch the five sheets of paper together before tearing...just snipping through the thread at the edge before I tear....this might keep them better aligned. It if works better I will post here again to let you know.)

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Anonymous said...

That was a cool idea and one that i had not thought of before...the stuff you learn online, lol!