Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you, Dear Book Fairy!

To my surprise and delight I received a most wonderful book in the mail.  I don't know who sent it but it came from  The book is Drawing Birds with Colored Pencils by Kaaren Poole.  

It is a beautiful volume with lovely pictures of birds by the author.  But more than that, it is very straightforward and informative in teaching  you how to use your colored pencils to render lovely artworks of birds.  Since birds are a favorite theme in my art, I am thrilled to receive this lovely book...and can hardly wait to get started drawing.

I don't know who sent this to me as there was no card included.  I wish I knew so I could properly thank whomever it was.  Since I do not, I decided that this might be the best way.  Hopefully that special "book fairy" will see this post and know that I am so grateful and pleased with such a lovely gift.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

UPDATE: I received another book on drawing birds...this one "Drawing and Painting Birds" is even better than the first. Both of these books are really awesome. I am so grateful for having received them.
ANOTHER UPDATE: The book fairy has revealed herself. It is my dear friend Keron!! Apparently Amazon forgot to put the gift card in the order! Thank you, Keron, so very much. I am really enjoying the books and hopefully they will help me become a better artist! :-)

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