Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Traders Now Has A Blog!
If you have visited me here for a while you know that I belong to Paper Traders - an online artists' community.  Our group has been in existance for over five years and I have been a member from the beginning. 

About three years ago, Keron Lee (a dear friend and talented artist from Australia), my daughter Beckie Holso, and I became the moderators for this group.  Even though it is a lot of work, the rewards of making friends and sharing art with so many talented people have more than made up for it.  In the fall Keron found that life was requiring more of her time than usual and decided it was time to give up the moderator position. We were thrilled when Cathy Calamas graciously accepted to take her place at the helm with us. 

For some time we have been wanting to have a more public face for our group.  Recently we created a group blog here on blogspot to provide a place to show others what our Paper Traders group is all about, and to inspire them along the way.  Our group blog will feature galleries of member's artwork, helps and tutorials, and from time to time free downloads for you to use in your own artwork.

So, now that it up and running, I hope you will stop by the Paper Traders Art Blog for a look - and a little inspiration too.

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abby j said...

OF COURSE I know this blog of yours...I've been guilty of reading and NOT commenting. Now that I have a blog, I realize that it's important to comment so...I've been enjoying your blog for a while...and I'm THRILLED that you all started a special PT blog as well. Thanks for all you do Connie...I love your blog posts...especially when you post your art. Hugs, abby