Monday, January 19, 2009

I am in LOVE

Oh, Oh, Oh, I am so in love! I just happened to stop by T!M Holtz's site and he has a sneak peek of his new stamps. Some of them are to die for. And he is giving some away! Did I tell you, I LOVE them. My B-Day is in one you think, is it possible, could I maybe....sure I could. If only he would draw my name! (sigh)

I gotta
go tell dh what I want for my Birthday! Oh, but how will I choose...and can I wait until they are actually available for sale. It is all so hard. Why do you do this to me T!M, Why, Why, Why?

Check it out here:
T!M Holtz site


Latharia said...

I won one of his stamps in a class he taught ... and he signed it for me, afterwards! :D I hope you get good presents!

TattingChic said...

OH, I've heard fabulous things about Tim Holtz's stamps!
Just stopped by to say thank you for entering my tatting giveaway for OWOH! Good luck to you! I hope you do learn tatting.

Mary's Madness said...

Happy Early Bday!