Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween Give-Away!
I am having a giveaway. It seems like everyone is giving away goodies lately, so I thought I would too. It all started today when I went to a new used items store...she has all kinds of kitschy stuff and collectibles. I found a box of old photos and they were so inexpensive that I had to have some. I made a collage sheet and have uploaded it here.

It is yours for FREE from now until October 31st! (Don't you think some of these would make great Halloween cards? heeheehee! ) Just click on the photo to enlarge to full size, then right click and save it to your hard drive. Enjoy!
Some interesting notes...
In the first photo of the mother and daughter, you wonder what the occasion is...the daughter looks quite nervous and trepidacious. In the second photo did you notice all the loose shingles ready to fall on the "nitwit's" head? Check out those ladies crossing the lake...does that look precarious or what? ...and...they are sitting on metal seats made from old raking machines. (I recognized them from machines that my dad had.)


teri c said...

These are great photos, Connie! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous, Thank you so much!