Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spray Webbing Samples

One of my favorite textures is what I call Spray Webbing Paper. If you have never made Spray Webbing Paper you are in for a treat. It turns out beautiful every time and is very easy to do...although a bit messy. :-) You can use any color of cardstock for this as it is completely covered in the end so it is a great way to use up colors from multipacks that you don't like! If you want to use it for book covers use lightweight cardboard or chipboard.

To make this paper you need:
  • Cardstock (or cardboard) for a base
  • Acrylic paints in several colors
  • Spray webbing
  • can also add spray glitter if you love more sparkle!
  1. To get started first spread out newspaper or a dropcloth to cover your table...this is messy! Then lay out several sheets of cardstock (cardboard) and smear different colors of acrylic paints over each sheet until it is completely covered. Use lots of contrast on this and don't blend the colors very want it to be very blotchy.

  2. This next step is optional: Use a paint brush to drip or spatter drops of black, white or a very strong color over your blotchy page.

  3. Let it dry.

  4. Then take it outside or into the garage and spray it with webbing spray. (You can find it in the paint section of the craft store.) Let it dry and you are done...unless you like glitter...then you can overspray it with glitter spray for extra sparkle!!
A TIP: You will need to cover your floor or patio with paper or cardboard to protect it. I use a large shipping box opened out ...I just keep it folded up against the garage wall when I am not using it and spread it on the floor when I want to spray things. If you don't have this kind of room, you can make a spray station by cutting a hole in the side of a cardboard box, then lay your sheets (one at a time) in the box to spray...the box will contain the overspray.

Here are a few samples papers I have made.


bockel24 said...

Love the first of those bigger ones, have to try that technique - I´ve never used my spray webbing though I have it for years ...

Cynthia said...

These papers are gorgeous Connie!